It all started in the fall of 2016 visiting estate sales. Until then, I had been going to garage sales in my neighborhood and discovered estate sales quite by accident. I became addicted to all vintage things, imagining the stories and history behind them. Most of the estate sales that I visited felt kind of sad to me because there were lifetimes of possessions accumulated to be sold off to strangers after the owner had passed away. It felt intrusive to walk through rooms, peering into kitchen cabinets and touching the clothes and the furniture. However, the feeling of being in a treasure hunt and the awesome things that I found turned me into a vintage addict.

Out of the thousands of items that I came across, there was one type that always caught my attention. Those lonely recipe boxes always sitting in the corners, yellow and tattered, written in cursive by someone long ago. I couldn’t help but wonder why the families, didn’t keep what could be considered historical documents of sentimental value to their family. It occurred to me that people just really hadn’t given much thought to them anymore because the internet has all the recipes anybody could ever want. Then I started thinking about how much I regret not having any of either of my grandmothers recipes, which I had so many opportunities to to get my hands on had I only asked. I could have had dozens of recipes of my childhood favorites like my grandma Haley’s hush puppies and my grandma Julia’s pasteles. It just never occurred to me and I wanted to make sure to find a way to pass my recipes down to my children and simply could not imagine how I could do that with the recipes on my computer, other than printing them and putting them in a binder. I wanted to create a beautiful keepsake instead, so I decided to go about bringing something back from the past to the present. A beautiful keepsake recipe box for those of you who would love to not only have a place for your grandma’s and mom’s recipes but for your own recipes as well and pass them down from generation to generation.